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Solid State Drive Docking Station

One of our most novel yet useful products is our SSD docking station.

This simple and compact SSD dock allows for the use or testing of any NVMe Solid State Drive.

Just simply push an NVMe Solid State Drive dock into place and it immediately shows up on your computer or USB-C equipped device.

The SSD Docking station allows you to purchase cheap SSD's and use them without buying cases or enclosures.

We do ask you to make sure that you employ good anti-static practices and store your NVMe Solid State Drives in the anti-static foil in which they were supplied.

You can transfer up to 10Gbps with your own SSD's that are simply slotted into place and removed as it suits. The aluminium alloy SSD docking station supports all m.2 NVMe SSD's. Capacities up to 2GB are supported.

The Solid State Drive docking station is totally portable with a size of only 40 x 40 x 10 mm and weighs just 140g.

Included with the SSD dock are high quality USB-C to USB-C and USB to USB-C data/power cables. These simply just attach to the USB-C port on the SSD docking station.

The NVMe Solid State Drive docking station is available online from HomeKit Australia.