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Solid State Drive Dock

We are now down to final stock of our SSD docks.

These are a great little device allowing you to quickly and instantly access multiple Solid State Drives.

Occupying only a tiny amount of desk space, these Solid State Drive docks are the ideal new portable hard drive system for professional and home users alike.

They will accept any NVMe Solid State Drive and come complete with their own USB-C cable for fast data transfers.

The SSD docks are totally portable with a size of only 40 x 40 x 10 mm and weighs just 140g.

At $33.95 they are superb value, providing you with real flexibility especially when you are on the go.

These are the last Solid State Drive docks we have available, so please don't miss out .... especially at this price.

Thanks for shopping HomeKit Australia.