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Smart Body Scales $39.95

If you have an iPhone and use the Apple Health app, you need our smart body scales. They are now just $39.95.

Simply install the free app on your iPhone and then your weight and other metrics are automatically sync with Apple Health on your iPhone.

Apart from uploading to the Apple Health app on your iPhone or iPad, these smart body scales also talk to FitBit and Google Fit.

These smart body scales have curved corners and a big, clear white LED which is invisible when not in use. These body scales give you your body fat, bone mass, fat-free body weight, obesity level, body water, visceral fat, protein, body type, muscle mass, subcutaneous fat rate, BMI and BMR.

The software will auto select different members of your household so you can use these smart body scales with all the family.

Presently these smart body scales are available in black only.

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