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Singapore HomeKit power plugs

HomeKit smart plugs for Singapore are reduced to just AUS$9.95.

There's ample stocks of these Singapore HomeKit smart plugs available.

It is cheaper to buy these HomeKit smart plugs at HomeKit Australia and pay the flat AUS$21.90 tracked air delivery to Singapore.

In addition to Apple HomeKit, the Singapore smart plug also supports Alexa, Google Home, Smart Things or IFTTT.

This Singapore smart plug lets you set scenes and automations and our HomeKit smart plug will do the rest. You can check to see the status of connected devices from anywhere for absolute peace of mind.

For example, you can automatically turn off specific appliances when you leave your home, with Apple Home's geofencing option.

You don't need any speciall hub to operate this Singapore smart plug.

That means there's no additional expense or extra setup time.

Singapore HomeKit smart power plugs are in stock and can ship today.

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