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Sandalwood Oil

A product you probably didn't expect to find at HomeKit Australia is premium Sandalwood oil.

When we merged with our sister ISWG online store at the beginning of 2021, we also took on the stock from this store.

ISWG had invested heavily in Sandalwood Oil and still has a significant reserve of premium, undiluted Sandalwood Oil. It would supply people with this premium Sandalwood oil from its Healthy Living online store.

Sandalwood oil is unique and expensive because of limited supply. Sandalwood oil generally is grown and harvested in India, Australia, Hawaii and Indonesia. It is the perfect premium gift.

To produce commercially viable sandalwood oil with a high level of fragrance, the trees are normally at least 40 years of age. Many are over 80 years old.

HomeKit Australia's sandalwood oil is from Indonesia and has a very strong and pure fragrance

Our oil is pure and not watered down in any shape or form. One or two drops of our premium concentrated sandalwood oil is all that is required for your fragrance or aromatherapy diffuser. 

Remember, sandalwood oil trades at around $5,000 per kilogram and more so these bottles of Sandalwood oil are great value at just $24.95.