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Qi Wireless or MagSafe charging?

There's a sad truth in relation to Apple's MagSafe wireless charging system at present.

All of the compatible MagSafe chargers being sold anywhere in the world ... do not deliver a 15w charge to any iPhone 12 model.

The simple truth is only Apple's MagSafe charger can deliver a full 15w as Apple encrypts the charging technology so that any charger without the encryption key is throttled to 9.5w or less.

Remember, 9.5w is the maximum charge - HomeKit Australia's magnetic charger consistently hits that 9.5w ceiling. Many, especially cheaper, compatible magnetic chargers offer less wattage than that - but fail to declare this and claim a 15w charge which they do not deliver.

On the other hand, a good Qi charger, newer units typically sold as 10w charge output or greater, will charge any modern iPhone at 7.5w.

So, the charging output is around the same but the present cost for the Qi charger is significantly cheaper.

Whilst we are presently running out our V2 magnetic car charger, to be replaced with our new V3 magnetic car charger in February, it is worthwhile considering the cost differences between magnetic and wireless charging.

HomeKit Australia's present MagSafe car charger is on runout at $25.95 (returning to $49.95 in February) compared to our 10w wireless car charger at $16.95.

Our standard MagSafe charger is also on runout at $24.95 ($39.75 in February) compared to our 10w wireless charger pad at $15.95.

Remember Apple only supports up to 7.5w for Qi wireless charging, but for the cost savings alone, the Qi wireless chargers represent outstanding value.

HomeKit Australia currently stocks the following Qi wireless chargers - 10w car charger $16.95, 10w desktop wireless charger $22.95, 10w wireless charger pad $15.95, and the 2x10w dual charger at $29.95.

This compares with $65 for Apple's MagSafe charging puck and around $25 for ours.

Living outside a big city, my time in the car is often for extended periods, so I simply use a wireless charger, as generally when I arrive at my destination, my phone is charged anyway.

It seems illogical that Apple wants to throttle the charging speed of the MagSafe charging technology, except for the single product they have manufactured under contract in China. I know the manufacturer who builds Apple's MagSafe chargers and they also produce their own chargers but without Apple's encryption key.

For MagSafe to thrive it is essential for Apple to embrace the wider industry in being able to support and grow the technology. For the present, it hasn't but hopefully this will change in the future.

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