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Qi Wireless Charger

In a recent post we discussed the virtues of MagSafe vs Qi wireless charging.

However, the discussion of the pros and cons of MagSafe are irrelevant to the bulk of iPhone users who do not use an iPhone 12.

Provided you use a recent iPhone like the X series or iPhone 11 series, you can use convenient and inexpensive Qi wireless chargers to charge your iPhone.

The big advantage is availability and price.

Unfortunately many Australian vendors simply sell repackaged Qi charger product as being MagSafe. They are not MagSafe, they simply have a circular magnet array over a standard Qi chargers. Some will charge at only a couple of watts.

All our HomeKit Australia Qi wireless chargers are built in a factory with over 15 years experience in building wireless chargers.

So you get quality product from a single factory and at an attractive price.

For example HomeKit Australia's wireless charger pad at $15.95, our $22.95 10w wireless charger (pictured) and our 26w multi wireless charger where you can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, Gen 1 Apple Pencil, AirPods and more .... all at the same time.

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