Price rises today | HomeKit Australia

Price rises today

With price increases from our supplier factories now almost universal, today many of our HomeKit Australia products will increase in price.

Where we have existing stock we have held prices but otherwise we've been forced to increase prices this week by around 2-5%.

As we have good stocks of Thunderbolt and MFI cables, we have held their pricing firm.

For example we have several hundred cables of most varieties in stock and purchased prior to the factory price rises.

Thunderbolt cables remain at $39.95.

These certified Thunderbolt 4 cables support 40Gbps data transfer plus these Thunderbolt cables also support up to 8K video.

Our Thunderbolt 4 cable is heavily shielded and features a premium, smart e-marker chip at each connector, with a cable diameter of 6mm. This Thunderbolt 4 cable in available ex stock in lengths of 1 metre and 1.8 metres.

HomeKit Australia's premium quality, 1 metre or 1.8 metre Thunderbolt cable remains highly flexible and offers 20V 5A 100w charging and up to 40Gbs data transfer.

Make sure to always check the rating as some Thunderbolt 3 or Thunderbolt 4 cables will only offer up to 60w charging.

Our ultra-premium Thunderbolt 4 cables are produced under contract in an Apple MFI certified factory.

Thank you for shopping at the HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store.