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Portable Induction Cooktop Under $100

Induction cooktops can cost thousands of dollars in Australia "discount" and appliance stores.

ISWG sells a portable induction cooktop for under $100 and a full-featured 900mm induction cooktop for under $500.

Both feature only quality components plus all the features (and plus some) on the induction cooktops that cost thousands.

There's a simple test for pots and pans to work on an induction cooktop ... if a fridge magnet sticks to your cooking pot, it is suitable to use on any induction cooktop.

Did we mention the price of our portable induction cooktop? We did? Well we just thought we'd remind you that this portable induction cooktop is just $99.

HomeKit Australia's online store portable induction cooktop is ideal for caravans, granny flats and travelling or just as an outdoor BBQ extender and so many more uses.

At our own home in Bunbury Western Australia, we've just converted a separate family room into a self contained living, dining and kitchen area. We didn't want to take up space with the 900mm induction cooktop so we put a portable induction hotplate in the cupboard next to the kitchenette sink.

Just like the bigger, kitchen induction cooktops, this portable induction unit offers the same benefits of quick and efficient heating, with the safety of no flames or hot cooktop areas.

Power is up to 2200w and this portable induction cooktop is made from glass and stainless steel. The plate size is 280 x 365mm and it sits 65mm tall.

Oh, did we mention the price?

The 900mm induction cooktops from ISWG are available in black or white. All models of induction cooktop are in stock and available to ship today.

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