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Philips Hue HomeKit

HomeKit Australia has begun to debut the Philips range of HomeKit lighting products.

HomeKit Australia initially launched the Philips Hue's Go HomeKit light and the Philips Hue HomeKit dimmer kit.

The Philips Hue Go stock sold out almost immediately but there is still limited stock of the Philips Hue dimmer kit.

The HomeKit dimmer kit is comprised of a clever wireless switch that works directly out of the box and a Philips Hue white lamp. There's no wires, no electrician, so no special installation is required.

In in the box you will receive 1 x LED globe with Edison A60/E27 screw fitting plus a wireless dimming module that you can use as a remote control. The Philips Hue homekit wireless dimming module can be placed anywhere and can control up to 10x Philips Hue lights.

To have total control of the Philips Hue Dimmer kit via Apple HomeKit, you will need a separate Hue Bridge. Once added to the Philips Hue bridge you can use the Hue Dimmer and light in HomeKit and with other Hue lights, sensors and switches.

Our own home is largely run on Philips lights and sensors plus a swathe of other products all of which run under the single Apple Home app.

You can control your Philips Hue products with your voice using Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Thank you for shopping at the HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store.