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Perth home renovator

The Perth home renovator collection at HomeKit Australia is currently almost fully stocked.

The Perth home renovator store was initiated to cater for the rather outlandish prices being asked by Perth building supply stores of home renovators in Perth.

Having worked most of his life in construction management and construction design, HomeKit Australia founder Keith Palmer decided to address the problem of high home renovation prices in Perth.

The Perth home renovator store is targeted directly at both Perth home renovators as well as Perth owner builders.

HomeKit Australia staff have personally selected only the best products they could find and purchased these products direct from the factory door. They hold all stock in Western Australia and dispatch product same day.

There are no middlemen, distributors or waiting time for stock to arrive from the eastern states.

HomeKit Australia's Perth renovator - or "home kit" - collection includes selected premium products for the kitchen, bathroom, design and other building materials.

HomeKit Australia is 100% Australian owned and operated .... thanks for stopping by our Thunderbolt online store.