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OzBargain 20w GaN charger offer

To celebrate our 20w GaN charger being back in stock, and to thank the OzBargain community for their great support of HomeKit Australia, today we are launching a free freight offer.

OzBargain followers will be able to enter the discount code - OZ20WBARGAINย - at checkout to obtain aย $7.50 discountย on their 20w charger order. You can get a $7.50 discount on every piece you select.

So if you select a 3 pack purchase of 20w GaN chargers, the final price will be $16.50 per charger plus standard freight of $6.55 or Express Post for $8.95. For purchasers on the east coast we recommend paying the extra $2.40 for Express Post.

HomeKit Australia's dual port 20w GaN charger is now in stock for $25.95 for a single charger, or you can save and purchase in packs of 3.

These 20w GaN chargers have dual ports - both USB-C and standard USB plus they fully conform to the PD 3.0 power delivery standard, so they will charge an iPhone 12 via MagSafe at the full 15w (iPhone 12 mini at 12w).

As a further bonus they can purchase our premium 5A 100w rated USB-C to USB-C cables at 50% off. This offer is made AFTER checking out and you have 5 minutes to accept the 50% off "thank you for your order" offer.

The dual port 20w GaN charger is the entry level GaN charger stocked by HomeKit Australia, with GaN chargers available up to 100w output and 4 ports.

Gallium Nitride or GaN is a significantly superior material for AC wall chargers than the older silicon based chargers. It is rumoured even Apple is about to switch to GaN chargers.

Remember, Gallium Nitride (GaN) chargers โ€“ smaller, faster, cooler, safer.

Thank you for shopping at the HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store.