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Onvis HomeKit

Onvis is a specialist Apple HomeKit developer who has partnered with HomeKit Australia to produce Apple HomeKit products for the Australian HomeKit market.

HomeKit Australia is a part of the ISW Group and based in Western Australia .... and ISWG and HomeKit Australia re both wholly Australian owned.

HomeKit Australia began its partnership with Onvis in mid 2020 to test and then to bring Onvis HomeKit products to the Australian market. This has involved Australian certification of Onvis HomeKit products with RCM (includes SAA) testing and certification.

The first Onvis HomeKit products to be released in Australia include the highly anticipated Onvis HomeKit C3 camera. This Onvis camera features Apple HomeKit secure video and is only one of a handful of HomeKit cameras available in Australia that include HomeKit secure video.

Next are a pair of Apple HomeKit sensors, the CS1 contact sensor and the upmarket CT2 sensor that includes a basic home alarm system.  Both sensors can be operated within Apple's Home app or the free Onvis HomeKit app.  

Probably the most used sensor is the Onvis SMS1 motion sensor that will launch as probably the best priced, reliable Apple HomeKit motion sensor in Australia.

The Onvis HomeKit motion sensor can be used to turn on and off lights, play music, send notifications about movement in your home as well as provide temperature and humidity information. The HomeKit motion sensor presents endless possibilities for automation and shortcuts within the Apple HomeKit ecosystem.

Setup of all Onvis HomeKit products is a snap, just scan the product QR code within Apple's Home App and you are away. All Onvis HomeKit products can be fully controlled by Apple's Siri voice control.

Onvis HomeKit products are available in Australia from HomeKit Australia, where there are multiple store opening specials.

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