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NVMe SSD announced

This week HomeKit Australia announced that it's new range of NVMe PCIe SSD (Solid State Drive) will be shipping this month.

Initially HomeKit Australia will be stocking 512GB, 1TB and 2TB PCIe NVMe SSD's plus 2TB 2.5" SATA III SSD's.

The 2.5" SSD's will be also available as a see-through external drive solution.

The premium NVMe SSD's will be available for individual purchase but will also be used internally on both our Thunderbolt SSD drives and our Thunderbolt NVMe docking stations.

The new HomeKit Australia branded SSD products will set a new pricing benchmark in Australia when they are released. Over time, all Seagate and Crucial SSD product used internally within HomeKit Australia SSD or Thunderbolt solutions will be replaced with the HomeKit Australia branded SSD's.

HomeKit Australia SSD products will be available to order and ship later this month.

You can understand SSD terminology and styles at our News Blog.

At HomeKit Australia we love Solid State Drives and the Thunderbolt interface and take real satisfaction in bringing new Thunderbolt products to market. HomeKit Australia is 100% Australian owned and operatedΒ and we use every Thunderbolt product we sell, ourselves ..... thanks for stopping by our Thunderbolt online store.