NVMe SSD | HomeKit Australia


HomeKit Australia's new NVMe PCIe SSD's (Solid State Drives) are high performance and high reliability storage devices.

Based on NAND Flash technology, all the SSD's are designed to solve the bottleneck of computing systems by traditional hard disk drives.

HomeKit Australia SSD's don't have moving parts. With a high performance and low power consumption, our NVMe SSD's are the ideal data storage device for desktops, laptops and mobile devices like Apple's iPad Pro with Thunderbolt 4.

As we launch our NVMe SSD's Silicon Motion has announced the official launch of their first generation of PCIe 4.0-capable NVMe SSD controllers. Silicon Motion or SMI, supply the on-board Controller chip for all HomeKit Australia SSD's.

SMI have released SM2267 and SM2267XT controller chips for SSD manufacturers.

The new SMI Controller chips provide a significant boost to consumer SSD's that move beyond the performance limits of the typical consumer NVMe SSD's.

These newly released SMI chips will help bring entry-level NVMe performance up to about the level that used to be standard for high-end PCIe 3.0 SSDs.

HomeKit Australia's own brand SSD's will begin shipping to clients on 1 October. Pre-orders are now open.

At HomeKit Australia we love Solid State Drives and the Thunderbolt interface and take real satisfaction in bringing new Thunderbolt products to market. HomeKit Australia is 100% Australian owned and operated and we use every Thunderbolt product we sell, ourselves ..... thanks for stopping by our Thunderbolt online store.