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nowPOWER PowerBank

nowPOWER powerbank is HomeKit Australia's own tiny powerbank for phones and other small portable devices.

Designed by HomeKit Australia to provide a quick, portable battery charger for users who suffer the dreaded flat battery.

Power outages or a flat battery are a thing of the past with nowPOWER, the inexpensive new powerbank by HomeKit Australia.

You'll never mistake or lose your nowPower powerbank. It is built in HomeKit Australia's trendy tangerine. nowPOWER is sleek and colourful and nowPOWER will power your iPhone, Android phone or even tablets like Apple's iPad.

Put nowPOWER powerbank in your pocket, your purse, your whatever .... it's super portable. You can carry nowPOWER everywhere.

Our ultra slim and high capacity nowPOWER powerbank features a 3000mAh lithium polymer battery and measures a tiny 78mm square and just 7.5mm thick. nowPOWER is tiny.

 by HomeKit Australia is an inexpensive way of powering your device when your battery has drained .... and best of all, you can buy it from 8 March 2021 from HomeKit Australia for just $19.95.

nowPOWER powerbank begins shipping next week.

nowPOWER joins HomeKit Australia's magnetic powerbank magPOWER, which could be shipping this week.

Thank you for shopping at the HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store.