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New MagSafe Triple Charger for mid-March

HomeKit Australia's brand new MagSafe multi-charger is arriving mid month.

You will find an almost identical charger on Apple's USA website with a competitor label for US$139.95. Deduct our GST component, and our price is AUS$54.50 compared with the US Apple website charging over three times the HomeKit Australia selling price.

This new 25w MagSafe charger for iPhone 12, magnetic charge for Apple Watch and wireless charger for AirPods or Bluetooth headsets. It has its own patent for this design.

You can charge your iPhone 12 by magnetic induction in either vertical or horizontal position. That way you can use your iPhone 12 to make calls, watch videos, send messages, at any angle, whilst your iPhone 12 is charging. At the back of the charger base there's a bonus 10w USB out port, so you can actually charge up to 4 devices .... all at the same time.

The base perimeter light can be turned on or and off with a simple tap on the touch sensitive switch at the front of the charger base. This same light around the perimeter of the base also indicates charging or standby modes.

The MagSafe triple charger is available in both white and black and power is by a USB-C connector with a USB-C cable included.

You will need an existing charger to power this device and we suggest either the HomeKit Australia 20w GaN charger or you could get rid of several chargers and purchase our 100w GaN charger.

This MagSafe triple charger can output up to 25w if all devices are charging together.

Thank you for shopping at the HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store.