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MagSafe pricing firm

MagSafe pricing for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 will not be subject to price increases until the end of this month.

HomeKit Australia holds significant MagSafe stock with often several hundred pieces of individual items held in stock.

However, as stock is converted to sales and requires stock replenishment, these prices will also begin to increase.

It is not expected that MagSafe prices will need to increase until November 2022.

For example our ever popular MagSafe car charger will remain selling at $25.95.

Our MagsSafe car charger is one of our most popular items ever and we've not changed this product in over a year.

It works so well we've not felt the need to upgrade or improve this MagSafe charger.

Our MagSafe car charger was developed with testing and design to specifically cope with Australian roads (and off roads).

We have ensured a careful balance of magnetic attraction and charging power be designed and maintained with MagSafe accessories .... including MagSafe car chargers.

It is not commonly known that the higher the magnetic attraction of the charger, the lower number of watts are transmitted by the charger.

In Australian testing, the challenge was to provide a rock solid base for your iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 but not to compromise the charging speed or time.

HomeKit Australia tested multiple setups to provide a firm and stable magnetic attraction but at the same time providing leading power delivery to your iPhone 12 or new iPhone 13.

Our MagSafe car charger not only perform extremely well but offers rock solid reliability.  

We have now sold close to a thousand MagSafe car chargers and not had a single unit fail or become faulty in any way.

HomeKit Australia has hundreds of MagSafe car charger in stock. If you order today, we will ship today, Monday to Friday.

Thank you for shopping at the HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store.