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MagSafe phone stand

We have a range of highly affordable MagSafe charger stands.

You can choose to buy a stand only or purchase one of several integrated MagSafe charger products.

Our various iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 MagSafe charging solutions have their own "Collection" on our online store.

We have products aimed at various price points except the expensive ones. For example, you will find almost identical products in the big stores at often 2 or 3 times our price.

Remember, we also deliver by Express Post, totally free for orders over $10.

HomeKit Australia's focus is always on quality and we have partnered with suppliers whose prime concern is producing quality products. If it plugs in we have RCM Australian certification and cables that are MFI Apple certified.

By pursuing our factory direct sourcing philosophy, we can present to you selected, quality products that we ALWAYS use ourselves, at prices that we hope are highly attractive.