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MagSafe iPhone Watch charger

Just arrived are these MagSafe iPhone and Apple Watch folding chargers.

You can buy these dual chargers in silver or black.

The folding MagSafe charger includes both an iPhone Mag charger and an Apple Watch charging puck .... or you can choose to buy just the stand on its own - without either the watch or phone chargers.

The multi-variable hinge ensures that you can place your phone at any angle.

There's also a holder notch that allows you to place an iPad or other tablet on this stand also. Just simply reverse the upright plate.

The MagSafe iPhone and Apple Watch charger stand is manufactured with aluminium alloy plate which is 2.5mm thick.

Pricing begins at $22.95 and the charger stand is available in both black and silver.

There is good stock so you can order today and we will ship same day.

At HomeKit Australia we love both Apple MagSafe and Thunderbolt products and take real satisfaction in bringing new Thunderbolt products to market. HomeKit Australia is 100% Australian owned and operated and we use every Thunderbolt product we sell, ourselves ..... thanks for stopping by our Thunderbolt online store.