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MagSafe Charges AirPods & iPhones

HomeKit Australia's latest MagSafe charger not only charges your new iPhone 12 but will also charge your Apple AirPods.

Provided you have AirPods that can charge wirelessly, you can now share the same Mag charger for both your iPhone and AirPods.

Our latest MagSafe charger is our best yet, featuring super-strong magnets that really fits tight to your iPhone 12.

The ability to charge your AirPods from the same charger is a real bonus and saves on buying or carrying two separate chargers.

The ideal AC charger to accompany this MagSafe disk is our 20w dual port GaN charger. The 20w charger features both USB-C and USB ports and fully conforms to PD 3.0 that enables an iPhone 12 to charge up to 15w using Apple's MagSafe technology.

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