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MagSafe charger madness from $25.95

We have brand new MagSafe chargers arriving at the end of January. So, our Gen 2 products are on reduced price clearance.

For iPhone 12 series, our Gen 2 MagsSafe charger and MagSafe car charger have both been reduced in price. Both models fast charge via Apple's revamped MagSafe 15w wireless charging technology.

MagSafe is the only charging technology that delivers 15w fast charging to the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. However, the iPhone 12 Mini is only capable of charging at 12w, but do be aware the normal maximum wireless charge for an iPhone is 7.5w from the fastest Qi chargers.

HomeKit Australia's MagSafe chargers align perfectly with the embedded magnets in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro series, ensuring the 15w charge. This creates a perfect circuit for the maximum charge.

To achieve the full 15w charge to your iPhone 12, you will need to attach the MagSafe charger cable to a minimum 20w AC charger that also conforms and delivers power per the PD 3.0 standard. All HomeKit Australia GaN chargers meet the full PD 3.0 spec. Our GaN chargers range from 20w to our "beast" 4 port 100w AC charger.

If you are looking at MagSafe chargers from vendors other than Apple, please ask the supplier if they are supplying you a charger that meets the PD 3.0 charging standard .... not knowing the answer is a bad sign. Also insist on receiving a USB-C to USB-C cable in the box because without this cable your charger will never meet PD 3.0 and be capable of a 15w charge to your iPhone 12.

HomeKit Australia's MagSafe chargers meet the highest spec and protections include foreign body detection, over temperature protection, over current protection, under voltage protection, short circuit protection, dynamic power lock, current protection, under temperature protection and Vertex Shutdown protection (VRVS). In the case of a receiver output short circuit, the transmitter stops working and when the receiver is removed, the transmitter will return to normal work.

If ever an over current protection is triggered, the transmitter stops working. After the receiver is removed, the transmitter will return to normal operation.

The transmitter will stop working when the control chip D9200 is above 80°C or the external NTC above 60°C. Again, after the receiver is removed and the temperature has dropped to normal condition, the transmitter will return to normal work.

Should a metal object bigger than a coin is detected on the transmitter coil, the transmitter stops working. After the metal object is removed, the transmitter will return to normal work.

The LED Indicator is red for power on, green for charging and blue to indicate a full iPhone 12 charge.

Thank you for shopping at the HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store.