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MagSafe charger

Looking for MagSafe chargers?

At HomeKit Australia we stock a wide range of MagSafe chargers for iPhone 12.

All MagSafe chargers are sourced direct from the factory door, from our long-term production partners.

MagSafe chargers are available for the desktop, as well as MagSafe car chargers. We stock MagSafe chargers that charge your AppleWatch and other wireless charging devices like older iPhones and AirPods - all at the same time.

We have portable MagSafe chargers, similar in style to Apple's rumoured AirPad, that is totally portable and charges both a MagSafe iPhone and an AppleWatch, both at the same time.

We also stock magPOWER MagSafe PowerBanks and MagSafe iPhone 12 cases from just AUS$6.99.

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