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MagSafe car charger

Our MagSafe car chargers are a bit different to you will see elsewhere.

The difference is the Australian development effort in bringing this charger to market.

We needed to be sure that Australian roads didn't bump your valuable iPhone 12 from the MagSage charger. We also wanted to be sure that the MagSafe charger could be fixed extremely well to your vehicle.

Like you, we've tried chargers that fall off with every bump or hang down from the air vent making them pretty much useless.

Our mission was to develop a MagSafe car charger for Australia that actually worked.

One of the difficulties with MagSafe is that you can reach a point where increasing the magnetic attraction will have a negative effect on the power reaching your iPhone 12.

Simply it is more magnetism, lower watts for charging.

Our challenge was to find a point where we could ensure maximum charging power without the iPhone falling off the mount when we struck a bump in the road.

Next, we wanted a fixing mount that would securely attach to your vehicle's air vents. Too many that we tried simply did not perform for both horizontal and vertical air vents.

So when you are considering a MagSafe charger for your car, ask the salesperson for an outline of the MagSafe charger's testing for Australian conditions.

We doubt that you will find any vendor, other than HomeKit Australia, that has gone to the bother of designing product especially for Australia.

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