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MagSafe car charger

MagSafe car charger is one of HomeKit Australia's best selling products.

The MagSafe car charger was developed in conjunction with our exclusive charger partner. Prototypes were tested here in Australia so as to obtain the best balance of charging speed and stability in your vehicle.

The higher the magnetic attraction, the lower the wattage to power your iPhone 12. We were able to balance the highest charging power with a magnetic attraction to firmly hold your iPhone 12 on the charger over Australian roads.

We also ensured that the charger itself would not fall off its air vent mount.

You will notice in the photo above that the car vent attachment has flat bars to securely fix it in place. Then we've added a tightening circle so that you can fix the MagSafe car charger firmly to the air vents within your car.

We don't think any other MagSafe car charger being sold in Australia offers these same features nor has been road tested in Australia during development.

This possibly accounts for the MagSafe car charger being one of the highest selling products at the HomeKit Australia online store.

MagSafe car chargers are in stock and can ship same day as your order.

Thank you for shopping at the HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store.