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MagSafe car charger

MagSafe car chargers can be found everywhere but they are often flimsy and inefficient.

HomeKit Australia's MagSafe car charger has been designed for Australian conditions.

It offers fast magnetic charging plus the ability to tighten the charging cradle onto your air vents preventing the charging unit from falling off whenever you go over a bump.

Pictured is is our Version 3 HomeKit Australia MagSafeĀ car charger.

Your in-car chargingĀ isĀ dependent on the output of your car charger output. You can purchase HomeKit Australia's plug-in dualĀ USB-C and USBĀ car charger.

HomeKit Australia'sĀ Mag car charger features 4 separate, extra powerful magnets to provide the strong, stable magnetic attraction required for vehicle use. A 12 piece ring array of strong magnets are perfectly compatible with Apple's iPhone 12 series.

ThisĀ MagSafe car charger for the iPhone 12 series is designed to hold your iPhone tightly - you can watch a magnet strength test to check the magnet attraction. Don't worry, you won't pull the dashboard out of your car. To remove your iPhone 12 from the Mag car charger, simply slide the phone left or right, up or down.

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