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MagSafe Apple Watch charger

If you were waiting on the long rumoured Apple AirPower, you might want to consider our combo 15w MagSafe and Apple Watch charger.

HomeKit Australia's latest charger features MagSafe and Qi wireless charging for your iPhone or Android phone and a pop up conductive charger for your Apple Watch

Our 15w MagSafe and Apple Watch charger features two 80x80mm charging plates held together with a flexible grey silicon strap. This allows the charger to be folded for storage and makes it an ideal travel charger.

This 15w MagSafe + Wireless and Apple Watch charger has a built in LED lighting strip around the circumference of the charger. There's a 2 stage white, amber and green light to indicate charging condition or simply to use as a night light.

It's really great at night when I'm looking for the Thunderbolt 4 port on my new iPad Pro 12.9". This MagSafe + Wireless and Apple Watch charger has a USB-C connector at it's rear and a USB-C cable is included in the package.

This MagSafe + Wireless and Apple Watch charger is available in white with a grey strap.

It is in stock and ships same day.

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