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MagSafe products are one of the core products at the HomeKit Australia online store.

Developed by Apple, MagSafe continues to be employed more widely across the Apple product range.

We carry a range of MagSafe products including MagSafe charging stands, MagSafe chargers, double, triple and quadruple combination MagSafe chargers, iPhone MagSafe cases and MagSafe car chargers.

Our MagSafe car charger has been one of our highest selling products on a consistent basis over 2 years.

Our Mag car charger for the iPhone 12 series is designed to hold your iPhone tightly - you can watch a magnet strength test to check the magnet attraction. Don't worry, you won't pull the dashboard out of your car. To remove your iPhone 12 from the Mag car charger, simply slide the phone left or right, up or down.

A customised thickened coil improves wireless charging conversion efficiency, while a thickened magnetic plate ensures the MagSafe car charger is also suitable for other mobile phones that support Qi wireless charging.

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