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iPhone 12 magPOWER shipping today

magPOWER for iPhone 12 series is shipping today.

magPOWER is a magnetic wireless powerbank for Apple's iPhone 12 series phones that all feature Apple's MagSafe charging technology.

Flat batteries are a thing of the past.

magPOWER features a powerful, high quality 5000mAh lithium polymer battery and is now shipping. 

magPOWER powerbank for iPhone 12 is available in either white or black.

magPOWER simply magnetically clicks onto your iPhone 12 and will begin charging automatically. You no longer need a cable to charge your iPhone 12.

Four USB ports means you can charge phones, iPads or other small electronic devices simultaneously. Wireless charging works at a distance up to 3mm so there's no need to remove your phone case.

Plus overvoltage and short circuit protection means magPOWER will never overheat or overcharge your battery.

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