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magPOWER iPhone 12 powerbank in demand

magPower MagSafe powerbank for iPhone 12 have been selling briskly .... so much so that black magPOWERs have completely sold out.

White magPOWER iPhone 12 MagPower powerbanks are in good stock, and in April, HomeKit Australia will be introducing it's all new tangerine magPOWER MagSafe powerbank for iPhone 12.

magPOWER simply attaches to the back of an iPhone 12 and uses Apple's MagSafe technology to power or recharge your iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

magPOWER can also charge 3 other devices at the same time via outputs for USB-C, micro USB and standard USB.

magPOWER can itself be recharged via the included USB to micro USB cable or you can charge via your own USB-C cable.

magPOWER MagSafe power bank for iPhone 12 is on introductory pricing at present - just $29.95. We think this is the only iPhone 12 MagSafe power bank that is physically available and shipping in Australia.

Thank you for shopping at the HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store.