magPOWER iPhone 12 PowerBank launched | HomeKit Australia

magPOWER iPhone 12 PowerBank launched

magPOWER for iPhone 12 is coming, and HomeKit Australia is shipping these in March 2021.

magPOWER magnetic power bank will launch at at an introductory $29.95.

The new magPOWER magnetic wireless PowerBank by HomeKit Australia is aimed specifically at Apple's iPhone 12 series phones that all feature Apple's MagSafe charging technology.

HomeKit Australia's magPOWER features a powerful 5000mAh lithium polymer battery. The magPOWER iPhone 12 charger has a high efficiency of power conversion with both over current and short circuit protection.

With magPOWER in your pocket or purse, flat batteries will become a thing of the past.

magPOWER's fast charging battery magnetically clicks onto your iPhone 12 and will begin charging automatically.

There's no longer need a cable to charge your iPhone 12. An LCD intelligently displays the magPOWER battery capacity.

magPOWER power bank also support Qi wireless charging for your other devices. Just place devices on the charging plate and wireless charging begins.

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