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iPhone 12 battery magPOWER

We will soon be shipping our MagSafe magPOWER iPhone 12 PowerBank in HomeKit Australia tangerine.

Doubling the output of our present black or white magPOWER, the new magPOWER PowerBank will feature 10w MagSafe charging output.

HomeKit Australia has been working closely with our production people to make a number of improvements to the original magPOWER unit, which will continue on sale.

magPOWER allows iPhone 12 (and earlier iPhones) the ability to charge quickly whilst you are on-the-go.

Especially for iPhone 12 users, flat batteries and charging cables are now a distant memory.

magPOWER simply magnetically clicks onto your iPhone 12 and begins charging by touching a button on the side of the magPOWER iPhone 12 PowerBank.

Combine the magPOWER powerbank with our desktop MagSafe Charger or our MagSafe car charger and you no longer need a cable to charge your iPhone 12.

A series of bright white LCD's on the side of the magPOWER iPhone 12 powerbank, intelligently displays the magPOWER battery capacity. and charging level.

There are four of these small, bright lights that will flash at the level of current charge. If the first two LCD's are solid, the third is flashing and the fourth is unlit, you will know you have around 70% your fully charged capacity.

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