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Magnetic AirTags cover

Need to stick your AirTags cover to a metal product ... even your car?

You need a magnetic AirTags cover.

The magnetic AirTags cover's TPU outer shell is designed to provide impact resistance to your Apple AirTag and allow you to easily attach your Apple AirTags to metal objects or surfaces.

We use these AirTags covers to attach magnetically in our cars, hidden under the dash.

One side of the AirTags cover is magnetic and the other has an adhesive. Essentially you can attach one of these AirTags covers anywhere.

These are great to track your vehicle or other items where you'd like to place your Apple AirTags tracker in a legal, unobtrusive place.

There's still stock of a range of Apple AirTags covers including genuine leather, and spanish knotAirPads covers. 

Our AirTags covers do not include an Apple AirTag.