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Leather iPad Pro 2021 cases

Buy the premium leather iPad Pro 2021 cases we had made for ourselves.

Simply the best case we could find, these 2021 iPad Pro cases are the highest quality leather we could find. They look gorgeous .... and smell of rich, expensive leather.

We also wanted the best functionality in a case also. We wanted the iPad to attach magnetically to the case, so that it could be removed and reattached instantly.

We wanted our iPad Pencil to attach magnetically and we didn't want the Pencil to be accidentally knocked off the iPad, so we wanted a cover for our Pencil also. We also wanted that cover to attach to the case magnetically, when it covered a Pencil, without a Pencil and when the case was open and being used. That is we didn't want the Pencil cover flapping around when we were using our iPad in horizontal mode.

We also wanted the cover to be a "smart" cover which turned the iPad on and off automatically as the cover was opened or closed.

At HomeKit Australia, we think we have produced the perfect iPad Pro 2021 cover.

Do you want to see if we are right? The first shipment is almost sold out, so get in quickly for the remaining pieces.

We love our iPad Pro cover almost as much as the new 2021 iPad Pro it protects.

More stock will be coming in June 2021.

Thank you for shopping at the HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store.