Leather buckle AirTags cover $18.95 | HomeKit Australia

Leather buckle AirTags cover $18.95

Save hundreds on premium leather AirTags covers.

If you are looking for a premium AirTags cover to match your leather handbags and leather gear, HomeKit Australia has you covered.

Our genuine leather AirTags covers are made from premium leather with contrast stitching. They essentially look identical to other covers that can cost several hundred dollars.

Prior to having these AirTags covers made, we previewed leather swatches from several suppliers and chose the softest, highest quality leather we could find.

The AirTags covers are made specifically to fit Apple's AirTags and will look great attached to even your up-market leather hardbacks or accessories.

Leather AirTags covers in the buckle style are available in tan and black. They are in stock now and can ship same day.

HomeKit Australia carries 3 different styles of covers for your new Apple AirTags - silicon with carabiner cover, silicon strap style , magnetic and these premium leather AirTags covers. Our AirTags covers do not include an Apple AirTag.

Our leather strap AirTags cover is available in black, tan and orange.

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