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Leather AirTags covers

Genuine leather Apple AirTags covers are now available.

HomeKit Australia now has a complete range of AirTags covers available.

There's genuine leather in a strap style (pictured) or with a buckle. There's silicon spanish knot in a swathe of colours plus there's silicon covers with a metal carabiner.

The leather AirTags covers are premium leather, not fake or PU leather. Hold them close to your face and you will be able to smell the genuine leather.

These are premium quality covers, essentially the same as others that sell for up to $679 .... ouch!!!

With HomeKit Australia flat price shipping, you can mix and match as many styles and colours of our various AirTags covers, and pay the one flat-price delivery charge. Spend $155 or more and Express Post delivery is free.

There's around 1500 AirTags covers in stock at HomeKit Australia, so you have oodles of choices in choosing your covers for your Apple AirTags.

HomeKit Australia carries 3 different styles of covers for your new Apple AirTags - silicon with carabiner cover, silicon strap style , magnetic and these premium leather AirTags covers. Our AirTags covers do not include an Apple AirTag.

Thank you for shopping at the HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store.