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Leather AirTags covers

Leather covers for Apple AirTags will be available in late May.

At only $18.95, these genuine (not PU) leather covers for Apple's AirTags are a massive savings on the leather AirTags covers in the big stores.

These premium new covers are designed specifically for Apple AirTags and manufactured in genuine leather, these high quality protective covers give your Apple AirTags a premium look and feel.

HomeKit Australia's leather covers give your Apple AirTags a more premium look. With precise openings, these new strap style covers perfectly fit your Apple Airtags.

These leather AirTags covers are available in two styles, both featuring genuine leather. Both a leather string tie style and a leather buckle style are available. These two options allow you choice in attaching these leather AirTags covers to an array of items.

These leather covers for your new Apple AirTags are ideal for attaching your new Apple AirTags to handles and straps, such as handbag straps. 

These new AirTag covers are available in black, orange and natural tan, and come in both buckle and strap styles to give you maximum flexibility.

They will begin shipping in late May.

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