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Last 2 900mm induction cooktops $599.95

We have just two induction cooktops remaining in stock.

With German Infeon induction internals and Japanese glass, these induction cooktops are on a par or better specced than models in the big stores that cost upwards of $3000.

The price of these 900mm induction cooktops is just $599.95.

We have been using induction cooktops in our own home for over 20 years. Don't be fooled by the big shop models as these induction cooktops feature Japanese glass, Infineon from German switching gear and heating up to 2000 watts.

HomeKit Australia's 900mm induction cooktops include dry and boilover shutoff, booster, timer and lock controls, just like the premium shop models.

We suggest a benchtop cut-out of 845 x 485mm and you'll need a licensed electrician to connect both the black or white induction cooktop to 240v power.

HomeKit Australia's induction cooktop range have full RCM (SAA) Australian certification, so you can buy with absolute confidence.