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iPhone PowerBank 50% off

PowerBank for iPhone - our nowPOWER portable battery is 50% off this week.

Get in quick to purchase a nowPOWER iPhone PowerBank for just $9.95.

Power outages or a flat battery are a thing of the past with nowPOWER, the inexpensive new powerbank by HomeKit Australia. nowPower powerbank is HomeKit Australia's new emergency power solution.

With the latest lithium polymer battery, nowPOWER by HomeKit Australia is an inexpensive way of powering your device when your battery has drained.

nowPOWER is a tiny 78mm square and just 7.5mm thick.

Sleek and colourful in HomeKit tangerine, nowPOWER will power your iPhone, Android phone or even tablets like Apple's iPad and iPad Pro.

The PowerBank ships with a standard USB to MicroUSB cable for charging the nowPOWER. There's also a standard USB port available for you to power your device.

The ideal partner for nowPOWER is our 3 head USB cable that will charge iPhone (Lightning), USB-C and Micro USB for your Kindle and similar devices.

At it's introductory price under $20, nowPOWER is also a perfect gift.

nowPOWER has protection so it cannot be overcharged or over-discharged. It comes standard with short circuit protection, built in.

Avoid leaving your nowPOWER in the sun or exposed to extreme heat as this will eventually reduce its capacity.

A tip to charge your flat phone battery super quickly is to set your phone to Flight Mode.

To charge the Power Bank, plug in the included USB to micro USB cable. nowPOWER will flash red until it is fully charged, and you will see a solid red light. Use your normal USB cable to charge your device. Whilst you are charging your device, you will see a blue light. When the nowPOWER has only a 20% capacity remaining the blue light will flash.

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