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iPhone charger

Our early Black Friday Sale items continue to be released.

The next sale item are our already well-priced 10w iPhone chargers.

Dropped this week to just $4.95 - another great Black Friday Sale item.

$4.95 10w USB chargers for iPhone and Android - quality 10w chargers with Australian certification. Refusing to skimp on quality, our lowest priced charger is Australian certified RCM (formerly SAA).

This 10w phone charger has an auto-ranging power supply 110-240v, so you can use this charger overseas with a generic travel plug. If you'd like a charger with fully interchangeable international travel heads, you can buy our 20w to 100w chargers.

Being fully certified for use in Australia, this budget-priced charger has loads of protection features you just won't find on non-certified chargers .... including over current, over voltage, surge protection, over charge, over temperature, over power and short circuit protection built-in, plus the charger is housed in a fireproof case.

This 10w iPhone charger is ideal for charging your new iPhone or Android phone, especially since Apple and many other vendors have stopped shipping chargers with their current models.

We have a wide selection of quality cables available. Feel free to check out our cables including genuine Apple MFI cables.

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