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iPhone 20w charger

iPhone 20w chargers are the ideal charger for an iPhone 12 or Android phone.

The iPhone 12 series and now many Android phones no longer have basic 5w chargers included.

This iPhone 20w charger has 2 ports, both USB-C and standard USB and will charge your iPhone at the maximum speed possible. This is a smart charger that handshakes with your phone and delivers the exact power requested.

HomeKit Australia's iPhone 20w charger is also ideal as an iPad charger.

It uses the latest GaN technology rather than the older silicon material.

Now that Apple no longer ships AC chargers with their latest iPhone 12 series, this is a great solution. Our advice is to avoid older silicon chargers as they simply get too hot. It appears Apple will soon switch to GaN chargers.

At HomeKit Australia, we ONLY sell GaN AC chargers.

Remember - Gallium Nitride (GaN) chargers – smaller, faster, cooler, safer.

These iPhone 20w chargers are currently on special. We have oodles in stock and they ship same day as you order.

Also in stock are our iPad charger 30w.

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