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iPhone 12 charger

iPhone 12 chargers are in abundant supply at HomeKit Australia.

You can choose from a 20w USB and USB charger, a 30w charger or a dual port 65w charger as the cheapest options.

As our chargers are "smart" chargers featuring GaN technology you can use any of our AC chargers to power your iPhone. You will never overcharge your phone or charge it too quickly and damage your phone battery with this iPhone 12 20w charger.

We also stock a full range of MagSafe chargers for your iPhone 12.

For the iPhone 12, there's MagSafe car chargers, portable MagSafe and Apple Watch chargers, magPOWER PowerBank, nowPOWER PowerBank and our always popular MagSafe charger for iPhone 12.

If you are visiting HomeKit Australia you will find great choices for iPhone 12 chargers.

All stocked items ship same day and carry a 1 year warranty.

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