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iPhone 12 charger

Need an iPhone 12 charger?

When Apple began shipping the iPhone 12 series last year, they no longer supplied an AC charger.

The perfect iPhone and especially iPhone 12 charger is HomeKit Australia's 20w GaN charger.

Now that Apple no longer ships AC chargers with their latest iPhone 12 series, this is a great solution. Our advice is to avoid older silicon chargers as they simply get too hot. It appears even Apple is about to switch to GaN chargers. At HomeKit Australia, we ONLY sell GaN AC chargers.

This 20w iPhone charger offers both USB-C and standard USB ports and uses the latest GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology.

iphone 12 chargers are presently $19.95 and in stock ready to ship today. iPad charger 30w is also on sale.

You can now purchase this HomeKit Australia dual USB-C USB GaN charger in single pieces or save and purchase in packs of 3. We've also now introduced a 20w GaN charger with MFI USB-C to Lightning cable plus a 20w GaN charger with a premium 100w USB-C to USB-C cable.

HomeKit Australia sells GaN chargers from 20w through to 100w 4 port GaN charger.

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