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Apple iPhone 12 charger

Bought a new iPhone 12?

Need a quality 20w charger with both USB and USB-C?

HomeKit Australia specialises in the highest quality, safe, fast-charge GaN AC chargers. Our 20w GaN charger is an ideal choice for iPhone 12 and iPad owners.

The latest GaN technology, not the older, hotter silicon-based chargers, HomeKit Australia chargers utilise GaN construction across the range 20-100w.

This 20w charger for iPhone and iPad is just $22.95. There's oodles of 20w chargers in stock, and we can ship to you same day.

This charger has both a traditional USB-A outlet, plus a USB-C PD outlet so will need a USB-C to Lightning (iPhone) cable or our super premium USB-C to USB-C (iPad Pro/MacBook) 5A 100w rated cable.

Remember - Gallium Nitride (GaN) chargers – smaller, faster, cooler, safer.

Or you can read about our 20w iPhone 12 GaN charger reduced pricing.

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