iPad Pro Thunderbolt cable

Apple's 2021 iPad Pro features a new Thunderbolt 4 connector.

To take full advantage of high speed data transfer and charging, you will need a genuine Thunderbolt 4 cable.

Thunderbolt 4 offers 40Gbps data transfer plus high speed charging.

HomeKit Australia's ultra-premium USB4 Thunderbolt 4 cable is a whopping 6mm diameter. They are now available in lengths of .8m and 2m.

These Thunderbolt cables are "smart" cables in that they contain an e-marker chip within both connectors. This allows the cable to handshake with both your new iPad Pro and the charger or other device. If you are charging your iPad these cables verify that the AC charger is delivering the exact charging watts being requested by your new iPad Pro.

The Thunderbolt cables are produced within our exclusive cable supplier's Apple MFI certified factory.

We describe these Thunderbolt cables as ultra-premium simply because they are the best cable you can buy.

We expect new stock of these Thunderbolt cables around the same time as Apple begins shipping their new 2021 iPad Pro models. These cables will initially be available in black only.

HomeKit Australia will open orders the same day as stock arrives.

iPad Pro Thunderbolt cable | HomeKit Australia

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