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iPad Pro 2021 charger

If you are like us and waiting on a shiny new iPad Pro from Apple, we strongly suggest you buy a 30w GaN charger to power your new iPad.

Your new iPad Pro 11" or 12.9", will happily accept a 30w power input and save you heaps of time waiting for your iPad to charge.

To make buying a 30w charger easier this week we've reduced the already discounted price of $29.95 by 50% - that's $14.95 this week only for a quality GaN charger for iPad Pro.

Gallium Nitride (or GaN) chargers are simply superior to the older silicon chargers. Even Apple will this year likely shift their old silicon chargers to GaN this year.

GaN is used in all high end applications such as medical imaging and is slowly being introduced into consumer chargers.

HomeKit Australia GaN chargers all employ smart sensing technology to handshake with your device to deliver the precise power being requested. GaN chargers can deliver flat line power output consistency and therefore charge faster than the older silicon chargers whose power output chan fluctuate considerably.

Combine this with our premium "smart" cables that employ e-marker chips within both connectors and you further safeguard your device being charged.

We've moved almost exclusively to USB-C or Thunderbolt chargers, so with a USB-C PD outlet so you will require a USB-C to Lightning (iPhone) cable or the super-premium USB-C to USB-C (iPad Pro/MacBook) 5A 100w rated cable

For your new iPad Pro you will need either a premium USB-C to USB-C cable or our ultra-premium Thunderbolt 4 cable.

Best of all, power delivery for this 30w charger fully conforms to the PD 3.0 standard at 9V 2.22A, the specifications you require to fully utilise Apple's MagSafe 15w charging technology.

Gallium Nitride (GaN) chargers – smaller, faster, cooler, safer

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