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Induction cooktop prices slashed

HomeKit Australia's great new portable induction cooktop - ideal for caravans, granny flats and travelling or just as an outdoor BBQ extender.

This is a great product with so many uses.

Induction cooking utilises a direct induction heating of the cooking vessels rather than creating heat which then hopefully transfers to the cooking container.

Induction cooktops can achieve a wide range of temperatures, and they take far less time to boil than their electric or gas counterparts. In addition, the cooktop surface stays cool, so you don't have to worry about burning your hand. Do remember though .... whilst the cooktop might not get hot, the pan it is heating does.

Cooking on an induction cooktop allows for high power plus rapid increases in temperature. Another bonus is that changes in heat settings are essentially instantaneous.

Although they resemble electric smooth-top burners, induction cooktops don't have burners or heating elements. Induction cooking uses electromagnetic energy to heat pots and pans directly. In comparison, gas and electric cooktops heat indirectly, using a burner or heating element and then heating the food.

An induction cooktop employs electromagnetic coils that interact with the metal in your cookware and create heat, creating a significantly more efficient means of heat, delivering around 80-90% of the electromagnetic energy, to the food in the pan. Compare that with gas at 30-40% of its energy and electric at around 70%.

We've just converted a separate family room into a self contained living, dining and kitchen area. Rather than install a full fixed hotplate that takes up space, we've simply put a portable induction hotplate in the cupboard next to the kitchenette sink.

Like the bigger, kitchen induction cooktops, this portable induction unit offers the same benefits of quick and efficient heating, with the safety of no flames or hot cooktop areas.

Remember, if a magnet sticks to your cooking pot, it is suitable to use on any induction cooktop.

In Australia, price has been the great stumbling block for the uptake of induction cooktops. With our induction cooktop pricing from less than $100, HomeKit Australia has simply blown away the price barrier.

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