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HomeKit Smart Power Plugs Now Shipping

HomeKit smart power plugs are now shipping.

HomeKit Australia has several hundred HomeKit smart power plugs in stock and we are already shipping orders to HomeKit Australia clients.

Users can control their home appliances remotely and smartly by your phone or tablet direct from Apple HomeKit or by Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, IFTTTusing or from the free downloadable app for iOS and Android.

Plus there's the added convenience of Siri voice control. You can use Siri (or Google and Alexa) to set automatic daily timers and create create on or off schedules. For example you might want to turn on the kettle at a particular time of the morning, or just use Siri to turn it off (even when you are out).

You get full HomeKit functionality so the possibilities are endless by setting scenes, shortcuts and automations.

The HomeKit smart plug does not require any special hub so all you need do is scan the QR code in Apple's Home app and you are away. Plus there's no extra cost.

The HomeKit smart plug is RCM (SAA) certified for Australia and is made of PC flame resistance material.

Thank you for shopping at the HomeKit Australia online Thunderbolt store.

This HomeKit smart p[ower plug is in stock and available now.