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HomeKit smart power plug 2.4GHz wifi

Probably the major reason for selecting Apple's HomeKit technology for any smart home situation, is security.

In setting up HomeKit Australia's HomeKit smart power plug, you need to be able to access the 2.4GHz band of of your home wifi network. Setting up may just simply work without an issue or you can set up the HomeKit smart plug in the wall outlet furthest from your router.

However, to be truly safe, or as safe as practically possible, you should also consider segmenting your wifi network served from your router.

Just segregating the wifi frequencies does not provide for any malicious activities from a compromised IoT device as it is still on the same network as your computers, and your phones, your printers and the like.

.... And this is possibly the major reason for avoiding many, less secure, IoT devices.

To achieve a segregated 2.4GHz and 5GHz network, if you are using Apple Airports, the pictured screenshot will show you how simple it is to achieve a safer, segregated network.

You just tick the “5GHz network name:” box and it will show up as a separate Wireless network. You can then simply rename your original network in the normal manner.

You get to the second modal window by clicking on the “Wireless Options…” button.

- Robin Belford CPEng, HomeKit Australia, January 2021

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