HomeKit smart plugs $9.95 | HomeKit Australia

HomeKit smart plugs $9.95

We are selling UK / Singapore / etc HomeKit smart plugs for $9.95.

Ideally intended for our export markets, these plugs are also being purchased locally by Australians.

At around a quarter of the Australian plug price, we can see why these HomeKit smart plugs are popular.

In the UK and Singapore, genuine HomeKit power plugs can be very expensive.

At HomeKit Australia, we buy in bulk and can deliver usually cheaper than local UK or Singapore prices.

With these HomeKit smart plugs, you can turn your portable fan, toaster, kettle and other "dumb" appliances on and off from the Home App or simply via Siri voice control or set a schedule or Apple Shortcuts for automatic operation.

Apple's HomeKit technology allows for flexible control of your HomeKit devices from your iPhone, iPad, Mac computer, Apple Watch and of course via Siri voice assistant.

Hey Siri, turn on the .......... previously dumb appliance.

Our UK and Singapore smart plug also supports Alexa, Google, Smart Things or IFTTT.